10 December 2007

In Rememberance of Shahrul Nazwan Yusof

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Assalamualaikum wbt...

Satu email yang diterima dari seorang sahabat berkenaan pemergian seorang sahabat yang sama-sama menimba ilmu suatu ketika dahulu. Pemergian arwah Shahrul Nazwan Yusof pada Rabu, 5 Disember 2007, Jam 10 Malam lalu merupakan satu kehilangan besar buat kami sahabat-sahabatnya.


In Rememberance of Shahrul Nazwan Yusof. The person,the man,the frend, and the loyal slave to his Creator.

I was always dreaming to have a same school bag like him.i forgot the brand but the yellow and grey strip with 3 zips on top of the bag made me really envy with it's owner. "how lucky he is!", my mind murmured.that boy just gave me a cool smile everytime i looked at his bag and he seems like really hard to talk. or maybe im the one who refused to have a chat with him. jealous. and the next year he was gone but the dreamt to have same bag as him still remains in my head.

it was back in 1990, standard 3, 17 years ago. the 1st time i saw the guy widely known as MAT YO.

in 1994 i met him again, on the 1st day i stepped my foot on the SMKATJ's ground. he was placed in Room H and i had my parking lot at Room G and our room was saparated by a line of old small locker. as we were from the same district, speaking same slang, so things went easy for us to have a chat and mix up together. the other guy who also in the group was bean pole Azran. that was the very 1st time i knew what kind person he was. he was really cool,which made me more jealous than the bag case,very soft spoken,and the man who always carried the word "yes" along with him.

i never heard, as i remembered, he said no whenever his frends asked for his favor. and he absolutely never said "NO" on COCONUT BUSINESS. be it at the front gate of our school, at back of the late ustaz Wan's house or even coconut trees stand tall next to Mudir's house. he never failed brought that fruit down. im sure all the guys batch 94-98 who stayed at hostel had a taste of coconut he brought in.

i still remember there is one time when Cik Alias and PokJak strapped the trees with the zink and barbed wire in order to prevent those brat (coconut poachers especially batch94-98) took the greenish fruit. maybe they really missed to see the mature coconut hanging still at the top of the trees.but this guy,was really coconut maniac. he took the parang and after several hours latter he walked handsomely wif a bunch of coconut in his hand. there are a lot of stories to tell about him and coconut.even at his old quarters house at kampung surrounding with coconut trees.

he cut our hair.not only at the back of the toilet at the hostel when the skool period still running, but also welcome us at his house when skool break come. be it whatever style u want and he will surely made it for u.but i really love when he cut my hair in classic style.i still remember when shidin, fatihil(abe) and a few frends of mine(which i promote to them about matyo's skill) waited in line for thier turn to make hairdo while i was busy wif myself plucked manggo and had it with homemade "colek" at his yard.

he was a sportsman.he could flip when he played sepaktakraw, he could spike when he played volleyball and a setter,speed 100m even 200m, a brilliant centre half at the middle of the field, and always racing with other boys after asar&subuh prayer to be the 1st person in front of the tabletennis table.he played pingpong very well too.

damn i cant write anylonger.i just cant.still can feel his presence lingering around my head. shidin, abe, rozi, zedang and all maybe got so much thing to share about him. as for me, ill forgive whateva wrong things he did to me (i guess none!) halal whateva debt he owes me if he had (guess none!), and ill send him my doa.

Sue..Allah always love him more than us.and ure really the luckiest girl to have him.

Rest In Peace, My Frend... (al-Fatihah)



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